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Section One - Website Terms & Conditions

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Questant Ltd Website: Terms & Conditions of Use

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Section Two - Privacy Policy
At Questant Ltd, we are committed to preserving our clients’ and contacts privacy. Please read our privacy policy to help you understand how we use and protect the information with which you may provide us through this website.

Questant Ltd: Privacy Policy

Section Three - Business Information
Questant Process Analyses are delivered by GAP Communcations, which has its principal offices at 55 Loudoun Road, Newmilns, KA16 9HJ, where mail may be sent to us.

The Questant Process
The Questant Process has been developed by Jo Lloyd (GAP Communications) and Fiona Scott and is unique to them. Questant Process Analyses are delivered by GAP Communcations which is a long established (1992) multi-service agency helping social and other organisations build themselves through social research, analysis, process and marketing. FE Scott is a business support and social research provider.

Questant is a trademark of GAP Communications, Registration Number: 2555467, and is used under licence.